AM Pages

Write morning pages on your Mac to enhance your creativity.

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AM Pages requires a Mac running macOS 10.9 or higher.

Current version: 1.0

What Is AM Pages?

AM Pages is a free Mac application for writing morning pages. Julia Cameron popularized morning pages in her book The Artist's Way. Free your brain to be creative with three pages of stream of consciousness writing every day.

Use AM Pages to write and store your morning pages. AM Pages gives you a new morning page to write every day. Three pages of text is approximately 750 words. AM Pages counts your words so you know when you've written three pages.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download AM Pages.
  2. Double-click the zip file to expand it.
  3. Drag the AM Pages application to your Applications folder or wherever you want it to reside.
  4. Double-click the AM Pages application icon to launch AM Pages.

Writing Pages

  1. Select today's date from the table.
  2. Type in the text view.

Reading Pages

Select a date from the table to view that day's morning pages in the text view.