Tome Builder

Use your Mac to publish books.

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Tome Builder requires a Mac running macOS 10.10 or higher.

Current version: 0.3

What Is Tome Builder?

Tome Builder is an upcoming Mac application for writers who want to publish their own books. While you could use Tome Builder to write your book, Tome Builder shines when you finish writing. It handles the book formatting for you so you can spend more time writing.

Copy your book text into Tome Builder. Text is initially treated as body text. Tag the parts of your book that aren't body text, such as chapter titles and section headings. Click the Publish button, and Tome Builder generates a book.

Keep up with the latest Tome Builder developments on the blog.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download Tome Builder.
  2. Double-click the zip file to expand it.
  3. Drag the Tome Builder application to your Applications folder or wherever you want it to reside.
  4. Double-click the Tome Builder application icon to launch Tome Builder.

Quick Start Guide

Creating a Book

A new book should be created when you launch Tome Builder, but you can also choose File > New to create a new book.

Renaming a Chapter

Select a chapter from the list of chapters. Press the Return key. Type the new chapter name.

Adding a Chapter

Click the New Chapter button in the toolbar or choose Chapter > Add Chapter.

Removing a Chapter

Select a chapter from the list of chapters and press the Delete key. You can also choose Chapter > Remove Chapter.

If you accidentally remove a chapter, choose Edit > Undo Remove Chapter to restore the chapter.

Entering Text

Select a chapter to show its contents in the text view. Type in the text view.

You can also copy text from another application and paste it in Tome Builder. When pasting, it's best to choose Edit > Paste and Match Style.

Tagging Text

Select the text you want to tag and choose a tag from the Tags menu. You can also use the Apply Tag button in the toolbar instead of using the Tags menu. Another alternative is to command-click in the text view and use the Tags submenu in the contextual menu. Notice how the text changes when you tag it. Tome Builder uses typography to provide a visual representation of the tag.

Text is initially set to be body text (paragraph) so you don't have to tag every paragraph in your book. Tag only things like chapter titles and section headings.

If you accidentally choose the wrong type of tag, select the tagged text and choose another tag from the Tags menu. To remove a tag, select its text and choose Tags > Remove Tag.

When you create an ordered list, Tome Builder uses the # character for the list items instead of a number.

#. First item
#. Second item
#. Third item
#. Fourth item

The numbers appear when you publish or preview a book. List items start with the number 1. If you need a list to start with a different value, you must replace the # characters with the numbers.

5. Fifth item
6. Sixth item
7. Seventh item

Previewing a Book

Choose File > Preview or click the Preview Book button in the toolbar to see how your book is going to look.

Publishing a Book

Choose File > Publish or click the Publish Book button in the toolbar to publish your book. A save panel will open for you to choose a name for your book and a location to save it.

Current Bugs and Limitations

  • The only available publishing format is PDF.
  • If multiple section headings have the same title, the outline items point to the first location in the book.